After Breast Lift: 5 Exercises That Help Breasts Stay Perky

Nearly all of the patients we see concerning breast augmentation or breast lifts come to us wanting to know how to make their results last as long as possible. After your procedure, though the breast appearance clock gets set back, it doesn’t stop ticking. Gravity and age still play a role in your breast appearance, and over time. they’ll… Read More »

On the Implant Fence? Clarity on Typical Breast Augmentation Concerns

So you want bigger breasts, but are surgery and the recovery period worth it? Is now the right time? Deciding to get breast augmentation, and finding the best time to do it, can be difficult for many women. There is so much to consider. Add on decisions about implant types and whether to combine your… Read More »

Four Options after Removing Breast Implants

Women choose to remove breast implants for several reasons, across a spectrum of purely aesthetic to medical concerns. Most women come to Dr. Armijo hoping to remove their implants for one of two reasons: either to alter the shape or size of their breasts due to personal preference, or after experiencing unforeseen complications with their… Read More »

Why Today’s Breast Augmentation Is Better Than Ever

If you’ve been debating about whether it’s time to take matters into your own hands and finally pursue the breasts you want through surgery—now is a better time than ever. Since breast augmentation’s introduction in the sixties, surgical techniques have dramatically improved In fact, this procedure has become one of the most popular cosmetic treatments… Read More »

How My Drive to Provide Exceptional Breast Reconstruction Began: My Grandmother’s Journey

My first exposure to breast cancer was at the age of 13 when my grandmother, who was 56 at the time, was diagnosed.  I still remember my mom crying as she told me that “LaLa” was diagnosed with breast cancer and would need to have a double mastectomy.  I think I was in shock over… Read More »

Ulta Beauty Breast Cancer Awareness BCRF Campaign

Congratulations to one of our beautiful, strong and inspirational breast cancer survivors!! Na’Diah has been featured in the Ulta Beauty Breast Cancer Awareness BCRF campaign, along with three other thrivers. We were fortunate enough to be a part of her breast cancer and reconstruction journey, and she asked us to help share her story. She… Read More »


Welcome to the brand new website for Bryan S. Armijo. Dr. Armijo is excited to share the vision of his new practice with citizens of Texas. Please browse through a few notable pages: Abdominoplasty Breast Augmentation Arm Lift Thigh Lift Photo Gallery Testimonials Please contact us with any questions or for more information. We hope to… Read More »