Thigh Lift

Thighplasty (Thigh Lift)

A thigh lift, also known as a thighplasty, is performed to tighten the skin around the inner thigh, forming a more aesthetically pleasing shape. Dr. Armijo will strive to produce slimmer, more contoured thighs that are proportionate to your frame. The outer thigh is generally not targeted in a thigh lift, as liposuction and/or a lower body lift tend to produce better results in that area of the leg.


A thigh lift is performed under general anesthesia and requires an incision in the groin area and sometimes extending downward along the inside of the thigh, depending on the results desired by the patient. An upper inner (medial) thigh lift may require an incision only in the groin area. An extended thighplasty requires an incision in the groin area and extends down the inner thigh toward the knee.

After the incision is made, Dr. Armijo will tighten the tissue in the area to create a smoother and more toned contour. Dr. Armijo will often include some liposuction to further smooth and shape the thighs.

Armijo thigh lift vs thigh lipo


After surgery, patients may experience mild bruising, swelling and soreness. In smaller thigh lift procedure, discomfort is usually minimal, however, an overnight stay may be required if larger amounts of skin are removed. The results from your thigh lift will be visible right away and will continue to improve as recovery symptoms subside.

Light activity is normally possible after two to four weeks, while most physical activity is permissible after six weeks. All symptoms should be gone and scars maximally faded within six months to a year. Patients will then be able to show off their defined legs. The results of a thigh lift can be permanent as long as the patient maintains an active and healthy lifestyle, and does not gain significant amounts of weight.

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