Choose the Best Breast Implant CC Size Versus Bra Cup Size

Breast augmentation can improve the breasts’ appearance by adding volume and projection, but how do you decide the best breast implant cc size to suit your body and your lifestyle? Consider proportion and projection. The breast implant cc size, a volume measured in cubic centimeters (CCs) and profile, meaning the projection from the chest, is… Read More »

Where will your breast implants be placed?

Breast implants will be placed in your breasts. But where exactly? As medical technology advances, incision techniques and placement of breast implants also has changed over time. Where your surgeon places your breast implant will depend on the individual patient, the desired aesthetic, and type of implant chosen. Breast implants can be placed either over… Read More »

Advances in Breast Reconstruction

More than 30 years have passed since October became Breast Cancer Awareness Month in 1985. Today, advances in medical technologies, pharmaceuticals, and surgical techniques save thousands of lives every year. From detection to treatment, modern medicine has gone through considerable evolutions–especially in terms of advances in breast reconstruction options. Dr. Armijo is an experienced, board-certified… Read More »