Why Is Liposuction the Best Fat Removal Method?

A lean, fit appearance can be achieved with a consistent diet and exercise routine; however, certain areas of the body are difficult to tone. Even after hours spent in the gym and counting every calorie consumed, these “trouble areas” will not respond. These areas often include the abdomen, thighs, glutes, back, and arms. While there… Read More »

Advantages of Getting Plastic Surgery in the Spring

Every season offers different benefits when it comes to undergoing plastic surgery. In the summer, especially in Texas, it can be too hot to even think about doing outside activities, so you’re more likely to stay at home and rest in the cool air conditioning. The autumn months can provide cooler weather so that you… Read More »


The goal of a body lift, also known as a belt lipectomy, is to remove excess skin or fatty tissue on the body that results from age or extreme weight loss. More extensive than a tummy tuck alone, the body lift targets the lower torso and upper legs and resculpts the abdomen, hips, back, buttocks,… Read More »