The goal of a body lift, also known as a belt lipectomy, is to remove excess skin or fatty tissue on the body that results from age or extreme weight loss. More extensive than a tummy tuck alone, the body lift targets the lower torso and upper legs and resculpts the abdomen, hips, back, buttocks, and outer thighs.

Exercise and a healthy diet cannot consistently achieve the desired results of taut skin and attractive contours. Aging, sun damage, cellulite, genetics, pregnancy, and significant weight fluctuations may contribute to poor tissue elasticity. It can result in sagging of the abdomen, buttocks, and thighs. A body lift may help achieve a more youthful-looking body.


The best candidates for a body lift in Dallas have lost significant weight through gastric bypass surgery, intestinal bypass surgery, diet, and exercise. They often struggle with hanging, loose skin after underlying tissue has shrunk.

A belt lipectomy can be an ideal option for women within their target body weight who wish to remove tissue and skin left behind after losing post-pregnancy weight.



Body lift surgery requires an incision at the waist or slightly below it, removing excess skin and closing the skin with tension. The incision pattern and length depend on the amount of excess skin removed and its location. The most common areas addressed are the back and the abdominal regions.

A lower body lift addresses the thighs, hips, waist, abdomen, and buttocks. A circumferential incision removes an apron of excess fat and skin, then repositions and tightens underlying tissue.

Dr. Armijo may recommend combining liposuction and body lift procedures to achieve an improved overall contour. Support sutures deep within the skin help form your newly shaped contours. Dr. Armijo will remove excess skin in stages, addressing one or two problem areas at one time. Dr. Armijo will recommend the best strategy to address all your needs safely and efficiently.

Your belt lipectomy will take place while you are under general anesthesia, and involves a brief hospital stay. The time it takes to complete the surgery varies on individual needs.


Your body lift results are almost immediate, with continued improvement for several months. Your body will be sleeker and the skin tighter. There will be scarring, but they will fade over time. If you keep a stable weight after surgery, you will enjoy the long-lasting benefits for many years to come.


Following body lift surgery, Dr. Armijo will apply bandages to your incisions. He may place a thin drainage tube under the skin so excess body fluids can escape after the operation.

A belt lipectomy is a major surgical procedure that requires significant recovery time. You can initially manage any discomfort with intramuscular or intravenous medications, then with oral pain meds. Dr. Armijo may suggest a specific diet to reduce risk.

More than likely, Dr. Armijo will fit you with a compression garment to wear at all times, except when bathing. You will have your dressings removed two days after the operation.

You’ll need to restrict your activities after your belt lipectomy to allow for your recovery. These restrictions may include lifting objects greater than five pounds and strenuous workouts. Dr. Armijo encourages his patients to walk after surgery, but not intensely until sufficiently healed.

Most people require four to six weeks to recover enough before returning to their regular activities. Moreover, they should wait six to eight weeks to exercise. Avoid pressure to the treated areas. Expect swelling to subside by 75% after six weeks, 90% after three months. Generally, you should wait between six and eight weeks before resuming exercise, though you can take light walks around the house as you heal.


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What’s the difference between a body lift and liposuction?

While liposuction is a popular body sculpting procedure, it only removes fat. A body lift often employs liposuction to remove stubborn fat pads remaining after significant weight loss. Liposuction also will not address the excess skin that hangs from the body.

How long does a body lift take?

A body lift is a circumferential procedure that addresses the abdomen, the flanks, and the back. The entire operation takes about five to six hours.

How long will I miss work?

Most patients can return to work after one week. However, recovery is a personal issue, and you may choose to take more time.

Are body lift results permanent?

After healing, your skin may experience some additional laxity as part of the natural aging process, though this should be minimal. If you remain within a healthy weight, results are long-lasting, possibly a lifetime.