Top 5 Procedures To Look Your Best In 2022

You can commit to exercise programs and a diet of protein and vegetables at the beginning of the year, but it never seems to be enough. Stubborn pockets of fat remain in certain areas, especially the stomach, back, thighs, and buttocks—no matter what you seem to do. If nothing else is working, it might be time to consider a body contouring procedure to help you reshape your figure for the new year.


Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Bryan Armijo offers a range of body contouring procedures to help his patients safely and permanently meet their aesthetic goals. Here are 5 of Dr. Armijo’s recommended procedures that can help you look and feel your absolute best in 2022.

1. Surgical Liposuction

Liposuction removes excess fat from areas of the body—including the abdomen, upper arms, buttocks, calves, chest, back, hips, and more—that refuse to respond to diet and exercise alone. Candidates are typically adults who are within 30 percent of their ideal weight. As relatively healthy individuals, candidates should have elastic skin and good muscle tone. Liposuction is an effective and convenient way to achieve a slimmer appearance when diet and exercise are insufficient to reach those stubborn places.

2. Brazilian Butt Lift

A Brazilian butt lift combines liposuction with an augmentation, removing stubborn fat from the abdomen or other areas of the body and transferring this fat to the buttocks. Interested candidates are typically unhappy with their backside’s aesthetic appearance or functionality and would like to create a fuller, more pert appearance. Dr. Armijo’s techniques for Brazilian butt lift provides a solution for flat buttocks, making a rounder and more voluptuous backside.

3. Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

Pregnancy significant weight loss can negatively impact the abdominal zone’s appearance and function. During an abdominoplasty, excess skin and fat will be removed, and the abdominal muscles will be tightened more a flatter, smoother stomach. A tummy tuck may be the right body contouring procedure for you if you lead a healthy lifestyle but suffer from loose skin or fat on the abdomen.

4. Thigh Lift

If you have excess skin and tissue along your thighs and glutes, a thigh lift may be the perfect solution. This procedure can successfully help the drooping of the thighs and buttocks and removing additional skin and fat tissue, while also tightening the area. A thigh lift is an option for those who have undergone a significant weight loss journey, are maintaining their weight and healthy lifestyle, and have excess soft tissue on either the inner or outer thighs.

5. Arm Lift

To reduce sagging skin underneath the arms, an arm lift can help to tighten and contour the arms for a sleek, youthful appearance. This surgery eliminates excess skin due to weight loss, age, or hereditary traits and tightens the underlying supportive tissue, smoothing out the skin on the upper arm. You’re a candidate for an arm lift if you experience upper arm laxity and have minimal fat.

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