What Are the Benefits of Microneedling, and How Often Should You Get It?

Our skin says a lot about us. From our health, age, hygiene, and routine, it can even influence the impressions we make around us. If you feel like your skin has seen better days, then it might be time to find a treatment that can put your skin back on the right track.

At Bryan Armijo M.D. in Dallas, Texas, we believe one of the best skin rejuvenation solutions is the microneedling treatment. Also known as collagen induction therapy, this non-invasive skincare treatment can improve the appearance of your skin without chemicals or injections.

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of this treatment and how often you should schedule it to see and maintain results.

How Often Should You Do Microneedling Treatments?

It’s often recommended that microneedling treatments be done about once a month or every 4 to 6 weeks. The frequency of how often you have this treatment is largely due to the area you’re trying to target and what you are trying to treat specifically.

During your consultation, we will be happy to help you determine the best frequency for your treatments so you can get most benefits for your skin and beauty.

How Does Microneedling Work?

Microneedling is a versatile and minimally invasive cosmetic treatment used to treat various superficial skin issues. But how does it work?

This treatment is performed using a device that makes a series of microscopic tears on the surface of the skin, not unlike being lightly pricked by a needle. These micro-tears promote your skin’s natural collagen production. When the collagen rushes to heal the superficial wounds in the skin, it helps to restore and renew the skin’s barrier for more youthful, smooth, radiant skin.

Key Benefits of Microneedling

The results and benefits of this treatment are generally reliable and predictable. The primary benefits of microneedling include:

  • Anti-aging: Common aging concerns such as skin laxity, dark spots, sun damage, brown spots, fine lines, and wrinkles can be treated with microneedling. By aiding in skin cell turnover and stimulating the body’s natural production of skin-supporting proteins, this treatment can easily address these superficial skin concerns.
  • Scar Reduction: Both scars due to injury or acne can be corrected by this treatment. The majority of scars on the skin surface are due to an over-compensation of collagen production while the wound is healing, which is produced too rapidly when the skin is still inflamed and leaves a bumpy, uneven skin surface. Microneedling helps to break up old collagen to produce a new even layer of collage that smooths out the skin’s surface.
  • General Skin Health: Microneedling can even help address common skin concerns such as dry skin, uneven skin tone, and uneven texture. By increasing the skin cell turnover rate and helping the skin become more self-sufficient in maintaining an even complexion, this treatment creates a smooth, supple, moisturized surface.

Restore Your Skin with Microneeding in Dallas, Texas today!

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