How Do You Know You Are A Good Candidate For An Arm Lift?

Also known as a brachioplasty, an arm lift is a surgical procedure that helps to reduce underarm sagging due to loose skin. It also tightens and smooths the underlying supportive tissue that reshapes the upper arm and reduces localized pockets of fat in the upper arm region.


For an arm lift, plastic surgeons employ two incision techniques to deliver results: a full incision and a limited incision. The type of arm lift surgery necessary depends on multiple factors, including the amount of tissue needing to be removed, where the tissue is located, how dramatic a patient wishes the results to be, and what kind of scar a patient is willing to have afterward.

What Is Involved in An Arm Lift?

During an arm lift procedure, Dr. Bryan Armijo makes an incision beneath the arm that may extend from the elbow to the armpit, varying on how much skin needs to be removed. The excess skin is then cut away from the rest of the arm and repositioned around the extremity. Dr. Armijo may also pair this procedure with liposuction to further improve the results.

Dr. Armijo may be able to adjust the position of the scar so that it is less visible. This may mean hiding it inside the arm or even limiting the incision to the armpit, depending on the severity of the loose skin. You can speak with Dr. Armijo about your concerns and goals regarding your arm lift and your ideal results during your consultation.

Are You a Good Candidate for An Arm Lift?

The best candidates for surgery are those with excess skin that hangs from the upper arms, with a minimal amount of fat. This excess skin is often due to significant weight loss that leaves the remaining skin with decreased elasticity. As we age, our bodies start to produce less and less collagen and elastin, causing the skin to have a harder time taking on its original shape after being stretched due to weight gain. In other cases, some people are just genetically predisposed to having loose skin or extra tissue in these areas.


Because weight gain or weight loss can influence the shape of one’s body and the amount of skin and fat present, candidates are encouraged to achieve an ideal and maintainable weight before undergoing surgery. This will help Dr. Armijo produce results that best match the rest of your form and prevent the outcome from being compromised due to weight fluctuation.

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