Where will your breast implants be placed?

Breast implants will be placed in your breasts. But where exactly?

As medical technology advances, incision techniques and placement of breast implants also has changed over time.

Where your surgeon places your breast implant will depend on the individual patient, the desired aesthetic, and type of implant chosen. Breast implants can be placed either over the chest muscle or underneath the chest muscle.

Here, we discuss the differences between sub-glandular breast implant placement (above the chest muscle), and sub-muscular (under the chest muscle) breast implant placement.

Sub-glandular Implant Placement

Sub-glandular implant placement puts the implant between the glandular tissue of the breast and the muscles overlaying the chest wall. By placing the breast implant between the chest muscle and the existing breast tissue, the implant can sit below the mammary glands, thus avoiding any complications with breastfeeding.

There are some characteristics of sub-glandular placement that should be noted.

Sub-glandular placement often gives results that appear more pronounced – patients who choose sub-glandular placement often feel like the results are quite dramatic.

One drawback of sub-glandular placement is the increased chance of capsular contraction. Though the risk is not huge, patients who choose sub-glandular placement are more likely to experience this complication.

Capsular contraction occurs when a hardened ‘capsule’ of scar tissue forms around the implant. This squeezes the implant, which can cause it to rupture, but also can create discomfort, loss of physical sensation, and a need for a revision or breast reconstruction surgery.

Sub-muscular Implant Placement

The muscle which covers a large area of the breast tissue is the pectoralis major chest muscle. When your surgeon talks about sub-muscular implant placement, they are talking about placing the implant underneath this muscle.

Patients can still breastfeed after this placement, and mammograms may be easier and more accurate than for those with sub-glandular placement. Furthermore, the aesthetic results from the surgery tend to look more natural, and patients enjoy the more natural feel of the implant being placed underneath the muscle.

However, the drawback to sub-muscular breast implant placement is more significant discomfort during the recovery period after the surgery and a slightly longer healing time.

We’ve found that our patients enjoy their transformative results from their breast implant surgeries whether they choose sub-glandular or sub-muscular placement. Dr. Armijo helps each patient to decide which is best for them based on their unique anatomy and aesthetic goals.

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