Understanding Your Options for Breast Reconstruction

Today, thanks to advances in medicine, surgical techniques, and medical technologies, women with breast cancer are often able to go on to live happy and healthy lives post-treatment. Still, breast cancer recovery brings with it countless life decisions, among them how you want your body to look after treatment.

After a lumpectomy or mastectomy, patients can choose to pursue breast reconstruction surgery to restore their breast size, shape, and contour. This surgery can provide emotional and physical benefits and restore your sense of yourself.

Dr. Armijo is a highly-skilled, board-certified plastic surgeon with expertise in several state-of-the-art reconstruction techniques. Below, we’ll break down each of the options available at our Dallas, TX office to help you make an informed decision on what’s right for you.

Implant-Based Breast Reconstruction

Patients looking to undergo the shortest recovery time need look no further than implant-based reconstruction. When completing this technique, Dr. Armijo places a tissue expander above your pectoral muscle following your mastectomy.

Our expanders are specially designed with a small port, through which saline solution is added every few weeks over several months. This will cause your skin to expand over time, creating a new breast pocket. Once you reach the size you want, Dr. Armijo will remove the expander and place permanent, durable silicone implants through the same incision site.

Patients usually feel better within one week, which is a relatively speedy recovery. Comparatively, flap-based reconstruction patients may require two to three weeks of healing time. Implant-based reconstruction is also ideal for slimmer patients without the fat to allow for fat transfer.

DIEP Flap Breast Reconstruction

If you don’t want the look or feel of silicone implants, flap breast reconstruction is a wonderful surgical option. During this technique, Dr. Armijo uses tissue taken from your body to create full, symmetrical breasts post-mastectomy. The final result both looks and feels natural and is ideally suited to patients with smaller breasts who want to avoid implants.

Even if you opt for implants, the construction of a flap to cover the implant can create ideal results.

Dr. Armijo is one of the only plastic surgeons in the Dallas-Fort Worth area who offers DIEP flap reconstruction microsurgery. This technique marks a significant step forward in reconstructive breast surgery and requires advanced training and skill. Considered superior to TRAM flap surgery, this technique doesn’t require muscle removal. As such, patients benefit from greatly minimized discomfort, shorter recovery periods, and lower risks of complications.

Dr. Armijo performs DIEP flap reconstruction microsurgery at both Medical City Frisco and the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital of Allen.

Fat Transfer Breast Reconstruction

Depending on the patient, Dr. Armijo can also offer fat transfer breast reconstruction, using your own fat alongside an implant to provide superior results. While this technique offers several advantages, including its highly natural look and feel, it does have some caveats to consider.

In some cases, patients may need multiple fat transfers to see optimal results, which tacks on a bit of extra recovery time. Furthermore, as fat is a natural tissue, your body can cause your breasts to grow or shrink if you lose or gain weight over time.

Immediate or Delayed Breast Reconstruction? Schedule a Consultation Today

Dr. Armijo typically performs breast reconstruction only after you have been declared cancer-free by your oncologist. Known as delayed breast reconstruction, this is the safest treatment approach in the vast majority of cases.

Whatever method you choose, Dr. Armijo will work with your oncologist and breast surgeon throughout treatment to provide you the highest-quality care, both medically and aesthetically.

Dr. Armijo is one of the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute’s leading reconstructive breast surgeons and has assisted many breast cancer survivors in restoring their hope of feeling like themselves again.

Alongside our expert team of staff, we will stick with you throughout your treatment process to ensure your confidence and comfort. If you think now’s the time to explore breast reconstruction options, please get in touch with our Dallas, TX office and schedule an in-person consultation today. You can reach us by calling (214) 540-1434 or contact us online.