5 Things to Know About Brazilian Butt Lifts

The Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) remains one of the most popular aesthetic procedures across the United States for its ability to create gorgeous, rounded, voluptuous buttocks. Instead of artificial implants, it uses the patient’s natural fat cells to produce natural-looking results. Having the backside of your dreams is a personal decision that can skyrocket your self-confidence in a pair of jeans, in a bathing suit, or even in your favorite summer dress.


Dr. Bryan Armijo understands that plastic surgery is not only a great way to change your appearance, but also to boost your self-confidence. Dr. Armijo works closely with his patients to help them feel as prepared as possible for their procedure, which is why we have created this list of 5 things you should absolutely know about your Brazilian Butt Lift.

1. It Uses Your Own Fat

While buttock augmentation with implants is a perfectly effective method, many people love the fact that the Brazilian Butt Lift uses the patient’s own fat. It’s a great option if you feel like your butt is too flat or lacks shape. It’s also a great way to balance your upper and lower body proportions and create that coveted hourglass figure.

2. The Best Candidates Have Some Fat to Spare

When a Brazilian butt lift is done, the fat is removed from a secondary location: the stomach, the back, or the thighs. It’s important that there is plenty of fat to be able to do the transplant. Dr. Armijo will help determine the best location to harvest from to ensure that you’re able to meet your goals.

3. The Added Benefit of Liposuction

Because the harvested fat is being taken from a secondary location, the procedure has the added benefit of slimming down excess fat in another area. You’ll be able to take the fat from one of those problem areas that has been bothering you and have it moved to add shape and volume to your buttocks.


The fat is removed through liposuction. Dr. Armijo will clean and purify the fat so that the cells are isolated. He injects the fat strategically to create the shape and size you both decide on.

4. It Shouldn’t Be Used as A Way to Lose Weight

Liposuction isn’t actually a weight loss method, especially since the fat being removed is deposited into another area. It won’t amount to significant weight loss. Rather, liposuction contours areas of fat that stick around despite healthy diet and exercise.

5. Long-Lasting Results

BBL results can last for decades without changing because the transferred fat becomes part of the existing fat. This won’t stop the natural effect of aging or gravity from having an effect, but with a healthy diet and physical exercise, you should be able to maintain your results long-term.

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