Why Today’s Breast Augmentation Is Better Than Ever

If you’ve been debating about whether it’s time to take matters into your own hands and finally pursue the breasts you want through surgery—now is a better time than ever.

Since breast augmentation’s introduction in the sixties, surgical techniques have dramatically improved In fact, this procedure has become one of the most popular cosmetic treatments around the globe because of its transformative effects.

In recent years, surgical advances have lept even farther forward. Now, breast augmentation has an extremely high rate of successful outcomes and safety. Patients benefit from an incredible degree of precision and range of possible results to fit every body type and a wide range of aesthetic goals. Plus, more recent techniques can also ensure results that are subtle with a natural look and feel.

Whether you are hoping to reverse the effects of lost volume after childbirth or weight fluctuation or looking to balance out asymmetry, breast augmentation surgery may be a great option. With the vast array of options on the market and extensive expertise in breast surgery, Dr. Armijo has helped hundreds of women look and feel their best.

New Implant Options

Silicone implants are the most popular type of implants available, mostly because of their natural feel and appearance. While implants of the past were all rounded and made of either silicone or saline, there are now many more options for women to choose from.

For instance, “Gummy bear” breast implants, which are shaped like a teardrop, mimic the contours of natural breasts. They have a tapering effect on the top and more fullness at the bottom. These implants create less projection than round implants for a more subtle, natural enhancement.

Another breakthrough in implant technology is high-strength cohesive (HSC) silicone gel. Though HSC offers incredible strength and durability, your implants remain natural-feeling and soft to the touch.

Whatever your body shape and goals, there is an implant option for you.

Improved Surgical Techniques and Customization 

In addition to the variety of implant options, Dr. Armijo offers options in surgical techniques to achieve results that best work for your body. Dr. Armijo’s experience, expertise, and aesthetic eye all enable him to guide you towards the implant placement and incision placement best suited to you.

The customization doesn’t stop there, either. We can adjust implant size as well, allowing us to design a unique enhancement to complement your aesthetic preferences, anatomy, and lifestyle.

Natural Options

Patients hoping for a subtler, more natural enhancement can now choose fat transfer breast augmentation.

Gaining significant popularity in recent years, this option is great for women looking for extra volume without the commitment of implants. During a fat transfer breast augmentation, Dr. Armijo will begin with liposuction and collect unwanted fat from other areas of your body, such as your abdomen, hips, or love handles. Then, he carefully injects these fat cells directly into the breasts, leaving no scarring behind.

Using liposuction to supply the fat for transfer means that, as you increase your breast volume, you’ll also be slimming down any stubborn areas of fat.

Natural-Looking Results

While the late 80s and 90s saw the rise of dramatic, large breast augmentation, styles are shifting. Most women today come to Dr. Armijo hoping to improve asymmetry and increase their breast volume but want to do so with natural-looking, subtle results.

Choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Armijo, who is extremely well-versed in the latest breast enhancement techniques, trends, and options, will ensure that you get the outcomes you’re hoping for. We collaborate with each of our patients to develop a surgical plan designed to meet their individual needs.

Easier Recovery

Years ago, after breast enhancement, women would be required to take considerable time off work and lie in bed as their augmentation healed.

Now, recovery is quicker, much more comfortable, and poses a far lower risk of complications. In just five to seven days, you should be able to return to normal activities. Patients don’t need to rest for the entirety of recovery anymore, either. It’s important to limit your physical activity, but some light motion and stretching are often encouraged.

Of course, every woman is different. Your implant placement (below or above the chest muscle), size of the implant, and incision location all play a part in determining how long you’ll need to recover. Dr. Armijo will give you a clear picture of the healing process during your consultation.

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