Four Options after Removing Breast Implants

Women choose to remove breast implants for several reasons, across a spectrum of purely aesthetic to medical concerns. Most women come to Dr. Armijo hoping to remove their implants for one of two reasons: either to alter the shape or size of their breasts due to personal preference, or after experiencing unforeseen complications with their implants, such as capsular contracture or rupture.

Women who choose to have their implants removed are often concerned about how their breasts will look without the implants. Dr. Armijo—a board-certified plastic surgeon with particular expertise in breast anatomy—can offer a variety of procedures to suit every woman’s needs post-explant to create beautiful, new curves.

Below, we’ll cover the top five options available for implant removal. If you have any further questions, or think one of these procedures might be right for you, feel free to give our Dallas-Fort Worth, TX, office a call at (214) 540-1434 today.

Breast Lift

Removing your implants will undoubtedly reduce your breast volume. This loss of volume often results in sagging, especially for patients whose breast tissue and skin do not contract  well. Further, the change in size may cause your nipple/areola (which looked proportional with larger implants) to appear too large after implant removal.

The more drastic your downsize, the more likely it is that you will need a breast lift. A breast lift addresses size-change issues, restoring a firm, smooth breast contour with optimally proportioned nipples. Though a breast lift will likely result in some additional scarring—most of our patients say it is a small price to pay for youthful, beautifully-shaped and perky breasts.

Fat Transfer

A fat graft, also known as fat transfer, provides superb, natural-looking results after implant removal. 

The fat grafting process doesn’t use any external or artificial materials. Instead, Dr. Armijo will remove fat from other parts of the body (such as the waist, thighs, butt, or abdominal area) using liposuction. He’ll then purify and inject this fat into your breasts, naturally enhancing their fullness and femininity. An added benefit of the fat grafting technique is the opportunity to remove fat from a problem area.

Patients love the results of this technique, and by combining liposuction fat removal with breast enhancement, Dr. Armijo can provide a stunning overall harmony and proportion to your body’s contours. The only “downside” of fat transfer is that it usually cannot accomplish the same increase in volume as implants can, but it often comes close.

For women hoping for natural, subtle breast reconstruction—this may be the perfect option. Dr. Armijo can also combine fat grafting with a breast lift to offer comprehensive sculpting and lifting.

Implant Exchange

For patients hoping for a more minor aesthetic change, implant replacement can be a great choice to either increase or decrease breast volume and shape.

Dr. Armijo simply removes your pre-existing implants and inserts new ones—using the same incision sites so you will have no new scars—to offer you the body and silhouette you want. As the implant “pocket” has already been created, recovery periods are usually less extensive compared to your initial enhancement.

Breast Reduction

Many of Dr. Armijo’s patients come to us hoping to reduce back pain caused by their large breasts. By removing your implants, you will see a significant and immediate reduction in breast volume—alleviating the extra weight placed on your spine.

However, for many patients—especially older women—the breasts may not naturally return to the shape they were before enhancement. Depending on your anatomy and skin elasticity, they may appear somewhat distorted or deflated.

If you don’t love the appearance of your new breasts, during a follow-up consultation, Dr. Armijo can discuss your options and determine which breast revision procedure will provide you with optimal results that will give you the look you’d like.

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If you’ve been considering removing your implants, but are worried about what your breasts will look like after explant surgery—Dr. Armijo is here to help. He is a highly skilled board-certified plastic surgeon with expertise in advanced reconstructive breast procedures.

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