Hit Rewind With This Foolproof Anti-Aging Skincare Regimen

We’ve come a long way in our understanding of aging, especially in slowing the visible signs of wrinkling, skin laxity, and hyperpigmentation. Today, anti-aging can begin in your home, thanks to powerful skincare products and natural botanical ingredients. For even further rejuvenation, Dr. Armijo has a range of tools and treatments available to help target your… Read More »

Nighttime Wrinkle-Reducing Habits

When most people think of anti-aging, daily SPF usage, plenty of hydration, and procedures like Botox come to mind. What many don’t realize is that our habits affect our skin 24/7/365. Keeping your skin healthy, elastic, and youthful can seem like a challenge, but the right knowledge and practices make all the difference. One unexpected source… Read More »