How Much Weight Should You Lose for a Body Lift?

It takes a lot of time, energy, and self-discipline to lose weight. Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Bryan Armijo understands your frustration when it comes to losing significant amounts of weight and how it can often leave you with hanging, sagging skin afterward. A body lift in Dallas, TX, can remove this unwanted loose skin and help to significantly improve your self-confidence while showing off the hard work you put into your body.


An important question to consider is how much weight do you have to lose before having a body lift procedure? Dr. Armijo can give you a more exact number when you come in for your consultation, but we do recommend that you get as close to your goal weight as possible. This allows for a lasting result that you can maintain long-term.

What Is a Body Lift?

A body lift, also known as a belt lipectomy, is performed to remove excess skin or fatty tissue on the body resulting from age or extreme weight loss. This procedure is more extensive than a tummy tuck; the body lift is performed on the lower torso and upper legs while also sculpting the abdomen, hips, back, buttock, and thighs.

The Issue with Sagging Skin

Unfortunately, exercise and a healthy diet can only help us achieve so much. For many people, losing a significant amount of weight results in loose, sagging skin or uneven contours. This, in large part, has to do with a person’s age, sun damage, cellulite, genetics, pregnancy, and significant fluctuation in weight that has contributed to poor tissue elasticity. Sagging skin can prevent you from showing off your body, feeling positive about the way you look, or wearing your favorite clothes. You may even experience sores and rashes from the skin folds that have developed and rubbed together. A body lift can remove skin that may sag and droop as a result of your weight loss.

Losing Weight Before a Body Lift

As previously mentioned, you don’t have to reach a specific number before scheduling a body lift surgery. Our recommendation is to be near or at your weight loss goal and stay dedicated to your healthy habits long-term. The reason we suggest you be at your goal weight is that more weight loss can add more loose skin after your procedure altering your results. Before your body lift in Dallas, TX, Dr. Amijo will go over your health history to ensure surgery is a safe and effective option. We can also provide you with recommendations on how to best prepare for your treatment based on your needs.

Ready To Slim Down Your Contours?

If you’ve lost a large amount of weight, either through gastric bypass surgery, intestinal bypass surgery, or a change in nutritional and fitness habits, you may have excess skin that you’re uncomfortable with. There is no reason to live with this excess “baggage” any longer. Show off your hard work with the help of a body lift procedure with Board-Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon Dr. Bryan Armijo.


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