Four Tips To Prepare for Male Breast Reduction Surgery

Gynecomastia, or male breast reduction surgery, eliminates excess tissue from a man’s chest to help create a more masculine upper body shape. With the proper preparation, you can accomplish a safe procedure and achieve your desired result. Being well prepared will not only make you feel more confident but will also increase your chances of a smooth surgery followed by a fast, trouble-free recovery. Here are four things you can do before having gynecomastia surgery.

1. Determine What You Expect from The Procedure

Apart from removing excess breast tissue, this is an opportunity for you to also address any other aesthetic concerns simultaneously. These concerns could include addressing excess skin and breast granular tissue, as well as the inclusion of liposuction.


Dr. Bryan Armijo will help you develop a clear plan for your ultimate goal to ensure that you’ll be satisfied with your results. After thoroughly assessing your anatomy, Dr. Armijo will determine whether the fullness in your chest is due to:


  • Excess Fat
  • Excess Breast Tissue
  • Loose Skin Surrounding the Areolas


In the case of extreme weight loss, fullness of the chest can be the direct result of loose skin surrounding the areoles, which Dr. Armijo can quickly remove with an areola reduction. However, if your gynecomastia concerns include excess fat and breast tissue, your surgery may also include surgical excision of tissue and fat removal.

2. Speak with Dr. Armijo About Your Surgery

An essential step in preparing for your gynecomastia surgery is scheduling a consultation with Dr. Armijo in Dallas, TX, to address all of your questions and concerns regarding the surgery and also to gain confidence in your surgeon. Dr. Armijo is a board-certified plastic surgeon skilled in advanced liposuction techniques who has performed countless gynecomastia procedures with high rates of success and patient satisfaction.


Dr. Armijo stands by the saying that there is no such thing as a dumb question. So, bring all your questions and concerns to the table during your consultation and be prepared and confident on your procedure day.

3. Commit to Lifestyle Changes

Even though your lifestyle might not be a factor in your having gynecomastia, now is probably a good time to make necessary changes to your diet and exercise routine. Eat a well-balanced diet and incorporate an exercise routine before your surgery to help ensure a successful surgery and maintain your gynecomastia results.

4. Plan for a Healthy Recovery

Before your surgery, plan for a friend or family member to drive you home from surgery and aid with household chores, meals, and mobilization during the initial 48 hours after your surgery. The most challenging part of your surgery will be after you get home and begin the recovery period. Because rest is the most important part of your recovery, especially in the first few weeks, you must plan to take some time off work and other commitments.

Prepare For Your Gynecomastia Surgery with Dr. Bryan Armijo

Are you ready to address your gynecomastia and regain your self-confidence with a leaner, more sculpted look throughout your chest area? To learn more, don’t hesitate to call (214) 540-1434 or contact us through our website and schedule your consultation with Dr. Armijo today!