Different Types of Body Lift Procedures

Exercise and a healthy diet can only do so much when it comes to weight loss and body contouring. After achieving extreme weight loss, the results can often leave loose, sagging skin, and uneven contours, which make it difficult to see the fabulous results you’ve worked so hard to produce.

So, what can be done about it? Body lift procedures are tailored to target those stubborn parts of the body that are in desperate need of reshaping and toning. But with so many options to choose from, which is the best option for you?

Board-certified plastic & reconstructive surgeon Dr. Bryan S. Armijo offers a range of body contouring services. From a young age, Dr. Armijo became a firm believer in surgery’s ability to heal people both physically and emotionally. With his gifted aesthetic sense and expert surgical ability, Dr. Armijo strives to provide beautiful, natural results.

Brazilian Butt Lift

If genetics didn’t gift you with a round, full buttock, and you’ve discovered that the area will not respond to diet and exercise alone, a buttock augmentation may be the solution for you. Buttock augmentation, or buttock lift, contours the buttock and helps to compensate for lack of fat in the area. Women and men who choose to undergo this procedure can enjoy the benefits of a voluptuous and curvy profile, more form-fitting clothing, and a rise in self-confidence.

Arm Lift

Perhaps you’ve just lost a significant amount of weight. Or, due to genetics, the skin underneath your arms has become loose and sagging. An arm lift procedure can help eliminate the wave and wiggle so you can show off the strong, muscular arms that you’ve worked so hard to achieve. Through an incision underneath the arm, liposuction is used to remove any excess fat, and any loose skin is removed, leaving you free to wave any insecurities away.

Thigh Lift

A thigh lift, also known as a thighplasty, is used to tighten the skin around the inner thigh, forming a slimmer, more contoured shape to the upper thigh. The upper thigh can be one of the most difficult places in the body to target through diet and exercise alone. Fat seems to want to settle there, never to move again. With a thighplasty, fat can be removed through liposuction to create a smoother and more toned contour.

Body Lift

A body lift (belt lipectomy) is performed to remove fatty tissue or excess skin on the body that results from extreme weight loss or age. Our skin is like a rubber band; with too much tension, it can have a harder time returning to its former shape, leaving it loose. A body lift procedure can help to reshape the lower torso, upper legs, abdomen, hips, back, buttocks, and thighs to help you achieve a tighter and more youthful-looking body.

Ready to Regain your Self-Confidence?

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