Refresh Your Spring Skin Care Routine with These Tips!

The winter can be rough on our skin with scolding hot showers, icy winds, heaters, and dry weather. It can leave our skin lackluster, dry, scaly, itchy, and in desperate need of hydration. When spring finally arrives and the weather warms up enough, it isn’t easy to know how to help our skin to restore and rejuvenate it back to its glowing, supple, youthful days.

Here are a few tips to kick start your spring skincare routine:

Out with the Old

Not many people know that skincare products and cosmetics come with an expiration date. Most products have a shelf life of 6, 12, and 24 months and should not be kept past those dates. You can find your product’s shelf life on the back, bottom, or side of the package in a container with a number and M next to it. This will tell you how long your product is good for after it’s been opened. If you have any expired products, now is a great time to toss them and get your skin some fresh skincare.


If you’re experiencing dull, lackluster, patchy, dry, or texturized skin, it might be because your skin hasn’t adequately been able to expel the dead top layer and it is now trapped. When dead skin cells, bacteria, or oil get stuck, it won’t matter how many products you put onto your skin or how great those products are because they won’t be able to penetrate deep enough to do their job.

A great way to kickstart your skincare routine is to get an exfoliation treatment such as micro-needling or Laser Skin Resurfacing. Both of these treatments are amazing for rejuvenating the top layer of skin. Micro-needling creates tiny, microscopic injuries that help promote collagen production to restore your skin’s youthful radiance and allow your skincare products to penetrate deeper.

On the same note, during Laser Skin Resurfacing, laser energy removes layers of damaged skin and leaves the treated area smoother and more even in just a matter of minutes. Your skin will appear younger and smoother than with skincare products alone.

Protect Your Investment

Now that you’ve picked out new skincare, threw away the old things that you had, went through an exfoliation treatment, and now have your skin in a great place, you must protect your investment and wear SUNSCREEN. An SPF of 30 or higher should be applied as the last step to your skincare routine, whether it’s raining or the sun is shining. Did you know that our wonderful sun is responsible for early signs of aging, uneven skin tone, spots, and cancer? You can avoid all of this by investing in a great sun protectant for your skin and wearing it every day.

SkinCare in Dallas, Texas

Taking care of your skin is a great way to boost your confidence and help you look young and fresh for years to come. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Bryan Armijo and his team can help you achieve the appearance that you desire this spring with a micro-needling or laser skin resurfacing treatment and even have Skin Medica available for you to shop through if you’re in need of a new routine.

For more information on the skincare treatments Dr. Armijo offers, call us at (214) 540-1434 or contact us online to book your consultation.