How To Tell If You Need A Breast Lift

Time doesn’t do us any favors, but thanks to modern aesthetic medicine, you have a choice about how you age. If you’ve started to notice your breasts are sagging or looking a little “older” than you’d like, a breast lift could be the perfect solution. Dr. Armijo has a range of techniques available to help women of all ages and body types to achieve beautiful results. But how do you figure out which one is right for you?

First, it’s important to note that you won’t be making the decision alone. Dr. Armijo is a board-certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience and superior skill in breast-related surgeries. During your initial consultation, he’ll listen to your concerns, goals, and medical history. Then together you will determine what plan of action suits you the best.

Whether you end up choosing a breast lift by itself or combine this rejuvenating procedure with implant-based or fat transfer breast augmentation––your breasts will look significantly younger and fuller, regardless of your initial cup size. Our patients love the perkiness and youthful contour that a breast lift provides, and we have plenty of before and after photos to help you get an idea of the possibilities.

Below, we’ve broken down the three most significant factors that determine whether a breast lift could be right for you. Many factors determine which procedure will provide your ideal results. The most critical indicators to consider for a successful breast lift are your final breast volume goals, overall size and shape you hope to achieve, and nipple positioning. For a personalized assessment, please contact our Dallas, TX office to get in touch with Dr. Armijo.

Breast Volume

In the world of cosmetic medicine, breast volume means how full or round your breasts will appear after surgery. Experiencing a significant weight fluctuation, pregnancy, breastfeeding, or age alone can all lead to a “deflation” of the breasts. If you think your breasts have become too small, flat, or saggy, a breast lift is a wonderful solution to restore your youthful shape.

By removing excess skin and tissue, Dr. Armijo can sculpt your breasts and turn back the clock. You’ll witness an immediate improvement following surgery that will last for a lifetime. Even though we can’t stop aging, down the road, your breasts will look significantly better than if you chose not to undergo surgery. If your goals also include regaining lost size, we often recommend combining your lift with implants to restore any lost volume and maintain a gorgeous overall shape.

Breast Size

Every year hundreds of thousands of Americans decide that they’d like to pursue a surgical procedure to achieve the body of their dreams. Breast augmentation is the most common cosmetic surgery globally, and it can help improve breast size and correct asymmetry with an incredibly high degree of safety and efficiency. If your goals are primarily size-related, a breast augmentation works wonders all by itself.

Dr. Armijo will go over all of the available implant options and their unique pros and cons during your consultation. If possible, doing some research ahead of time can help, too. Look online for some images of breasts you love and bring them to your consultation; this way, we can figure out exactly what your tastes are and how to achieve the results you’re seeking.

Nipple Positioning

Breast lifts are also the ideal solution for addressing and correcting nipple positioning that has shifted with time, pregnancy, or weight fluctuations. Some of the most common issues include nipples that sit below the breast crease or have begun to point downward. Enlarged, stretched, or otherwise asymmetrical nipples and areolas can also be easily fixed with this cutting edge procedure.

During surgery, Dr. Armijo will reposition the nipples and areola to the exact size and position you want. We can even reshape your nipples to achieve final results that you’ll love.

Scheduling a Breast Lift Consultation

While taking time to research and think on your own about what issues you hope to address with cosmetic surgery is critical, there’s no substitute for a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon. Together with Dr. Armijo, we can assess your unique anatomy and goals to build a one-of-a-kind treatment based on Dr. Armijo’s expertise and years of experience. During this first meeting, we’ll also have a chance to answer any lasting questions or concerns and walk you through every step of the process from pre-op preparations to our final post-op follow up appointment.

Modern breast enhancement surgery is so popular because of its incredible versatility and customizability. Together, we’ll find the ideal route to achieve the shape, size, and style of the breasts you want. To schedule your consultation, please give our Dallas, TX, office a call at (214) 540-1434 or contact us online today.