How to Get Your Prettiest Pout for Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, millions of Americans have already started looking for the perfect gift to get their special someone. Classics like chocolate, flowers, and jewelry are sure to bring a smile to your significant other’s face, but these tokens of affection each have their drawbacks. Flowers and chocolate are impermanent (and can ruin a diet), and as for jewelry, it can be impossible to find the perfect piece without spending a small fortune.

One gift that’s sure to last a lifetime, though? Perfectly plump, pouting, kissable lips. Some people see a gradual loss in lip volume over the years as the rate of collagen production slows down, while others are born with smaller lips. Either way, thin lips can make you look less appealing and older. If you or your loved one is dreaming of a smoother or fuller mouth, this could be more than just a dream. Lip augmentation options are better than ever, and Dr. Armijo can help you or your special Valentine achieve voluptuous lips just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Patients can choose between permanent lip augmentation like lip implants (which only require a single minimally invasive hour-long procedure), fat transfer, or JUVÉDERM® enhancement, which provides beautiful demi-permanent results that gradually fade over time. If you’re interested in a unique way to spice up your love life, increase your confidence, and look amazing this Valentine’s Day, lip augmentation could be right for you. Or give this gift to the one you love, and you both can enjoy it!


JUVÉDERM® lip enhancement is a perfect way to surprise your Valentine and see what fuller lips look like without making a lifetime commitment. If you aren’t ready for surgery but want the extra wow factor fuller, plump lips provide, we suggest JUVÉDERM®.

This FDA-approved, highly effective filler restores lip volume you’ve lost over time. Your lips will look naturally luscious immediately following your procedure, no downtime necessary. During the procedure, Dr. Armijo injects the filler via a thin cannula, plumping the lips in precisely targeted locations.

For some people, this may sound painful, but JUVÉDERM® comes specially formulated with a mild anesthetic called lidocaine to reduce discomfort. If you’re anxious about pain during the procedure or have particularly sensitive lips, we can also use a topical numbing cream, or even a dental block (though neither of these are necessary for a comfortable, successful procedure). Following your treatment, applying an ice pack to the lips will help reduce any discomfort or swelling.

In all, JUVÉDERM® takes only a few minutes before you’re ready to head back into the world with fuller lips. Some people experience minor swelling, though any symptoms should fade within a few days. Over time, your body will naturally absorb the filler, so you can expect results to last up to a year. If you love your results and want to maintain your lip volume, we can schedule regular touch-up sessions to keep your lips looking luscious indefinitely.


For patients looking to augment their lips permanently, implants are a great option. Fillers are a perfect first step in determining if you want to commit to implants. After your body has absorbed the initial round of fillers, you and Dr. Armijo can schedule a time for surgical lip augmentation with implants.

During the procedure, Dr. Armijo will place FDA-approved SurgiSil™ implants (made of soft, solid, unshaped silicone) via a tiny incision located at each corner of the mouth. This technique leaves no visible scarring. For further customization, Dr. Armijo can combine implants with fillers to sculpt the lip size and shape of your dreams.

Fat Transfer

Fat transfer is another option our patients love for its ease and natural look and feel. Dr. Armijo first takes a small amount of fat from another area of the body via liposuction, then purifies and prepares the fat tissue for injection. He carefully injects this fat into the lips for long-term results. This technique can help rejuvenate other areas of the face as well.

Make This Valentine’s Day One to Remember — Schedule a Consultation

There’s no gift for your significant other quite like full, beautiful lips. With a range of techniques at our disposal, we can help you achieve gorgeous results, whether they be a V-Day treat or a lifelong commitment. Dr. Armijo is a board-certified surgeon with an expert team at the ready to help you look and feel your absolute best.

If you think this Valentine’s Day is your time to give yourself or your significant other the gift of lip augmentation, schedule a consultation today by calling our Dallas, TX, office at 214-540-1434 or contacting us online.