How Far in Advance Should I Schedule Breast Augmentation Before My Wedding?

Are you considering getting a breast augmentation before your wedding? Breast implants can create larger, shapelier, more proportioned breasts, which can often flatter and slim the figure while also boosting self-confidence—especially in a dress. If you are considering a breast augmentation, you may be wondering how far in advance you should schedule your procedure to ensure you’re fully healed and looking your best in your most special dress. While the answer to this question is generally unique to each individual, the following information applies to most brides-to-be.

First Things First- Pick Your Breast Augmentation Surgeon

A crucial part of choosing to undergo a breast augmentation before your wedding is making sure that you’re choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon. You must make this important decision long before your wedding because it’s never a good idea to make significant medical decisions while rushed or under stress. During your consultation, you must be clear about your cosmetic goals and timeline so that your surgeon can customize a plan that fit you, your schedule, and your preferences.

Breast Augmentation Before Wedding – Consider Your Recovery

As with any surgery, breast augmentation entails recovery time that varies from patient to patient. Recovery time can be affected by a number of different factors, which you and your surgeon can discuss prior to your surgery date. Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Bryan Armijo recommends that you leave yourself with as much time to rest and heal as possible after your breast augmentation.


For most women, breast augmentation recovery takes approximately seven to ten days, with four to six weeks barring any strenuous activities. You should plan to take a week off of work to rest and heal. Dr. Armijo will let you know when it’s safe for you to return to normal activities. You’ll be asked to wear a special surgical bra for at least two weeks after your surgery to help you heal faster and ensure that your breasts form to the proper shape and position.


It might sound quick, but it’s essential to consider that breast augmentation results take time to fully “settle.” Over the next six months following your procedure, your implants will gradually reach their final position.

Reach Your Final Goal

Breast augmentation results are finalized after about 6-12 months, barring any complications. All the swelling, bruising, and discomfort should be completely gone at this point. You’ll also be cleared for all activities and travel—think of that honeymoon. Your final breast shape will have taken form. This may be the most optimal time for your wedding.

Arrange Your Pre-Wedding Breast Augmentation Consultation in Dallas

Dr. Armijo can help you with a breast augmentation plan based on the time before your wedding. As one of the leading experts in cosmetic breast surgery in Dallas, Dr. Armijo can help you achieve the shape you want in a professional and caring manner.


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