Expert Tips on How to Maintain Your Beauty Routine From Home

With more time than ever at home, now’s the perfect chance to refine your beauty routine and get your skin healthy, radiant, and zit-free. With just a few simple tweaks and a bit of practice, you’ll be a beauty guru in no-time.

We’ve compiled some expert tips and tricks to give yourself that spa-glow from the comfort and safety of your home. Let’s get started!

Learn About Your Skin Type

Every person’s skin is as unique as they are. What works for your friends, family, or even your identical twin might not work for you. Why? Our skin’s health is multi-faceted and determined by several factors, both in and out of our control.

Genetics play a significant role, but so does your age, environment, diet, sleep habits, the weather, even the time of year. Generally, people fall between a spectrum of three skin “types:” dry, normal, and oily. Learning where you fall on this scale can help you find the right products to keep your skin balanced and happy.

However, one big common misconception is that these types are inherent and unalterable. Our skin is constantly changing. As you perfect your skincare routine, it’ll literally change your skin’s qualities and needs. Over time, it will most likely require some tweaking.

For instance, if you’re currently only using an abrasive exfoliating cleanser and simple moisturizer, there’s a chance these might be the cause of excess oil. Contrary to popular belief, providing more moisture is actually one of the best ways to reduce oil.

Your skin naturally overproduces oils if it’s not adequately hydrated. As such, one of the first steps to perfect skin at home is to upgrade your products. 

The Power of Nature

Start by switching up your products to all-natural, mineral, and botanically based options. Many commercial cleansers and moisturizers contain harmful chemicals that can cause lasting damage and encourage unwanted breakouts when misused.

Adding a Vitamin C serum can be another huge help. Vitamin C is one of the only antioxidants that can be absorbed through your skin to literally halt the aging process (and, in some cases, reverse it). Vitamin C works to hydrate your skin and fight back against wrinkles and frown lines by slowing down free radicals caused by sun exposure and age.

Choosing the “right” product depends entirely on your budget and personal preference, and there are excellent options at every price point. If you’re looking for the best of the best–there’s no beating SkinCeuticals Vitamin C Serum. This top of the line skincare brand is the formative pioneer of Vitamin C infused skincare and offer the highest-quality products possible supported by extensive peer-reviewed clinical research. 

Protecting Yourself from the Sun

The next and most crucial step to take in your home skincare routine is picking the right sunscreen. Everyday use of SPF is the number one way of slowing down the visible signs of aging and protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Look for mineral-based, lightweight, high-SPF options like ISDIN’s award-winning ERYFOTONA ACTINICA. This option, or similar high-quality sunscreens, provides all the powerful benefits of sun protection without clogging your pores or leading to an unwanted sticky sheen after several hours.

Pro tip: if you’re outside for more than a few hours during the day, be sure to reapply sunscreen regularly. 

Questions? Ask Us!

These are some of the simplest tips to easily and assuredly help perfect your skincare routine. But, they’re just the tip of the iceberg. Skincare is a booming industry with countless companies working to provide cutting-edge technology and science to consumers.

If you’re looking for more personalized advice on how to boost your beauty routine or if you’re facing any specific skincare concerns–we can help. To get in touch and schedule a virtual consultation with Dr. Armijo to discuss any of your questions and our in-office clinical offerings, give our Dallas, TX, office a call at (214) 540-1434 or contact us online today.